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Children's Development Center Philosophy

We have created a place for your child to learn and grow emotionally, intellectually, and creatively. We believe a child’s earliest years in a school setting should be in a warm and supportive atmosphere with stimulation and structure provided by a well thought out developmental curriculum.


One important goal is to help each child meet success each day so s/he can develop a strong sense of self-worth and a positive self-image.


We strive to have an equally balanced schedule which incorporates structure and flexibility, as well as quiet and active play activities. We foster each child’s self-expression and creativity. Each teacher’s role is to provide a varied curriculum in order to allow each child to have the freedom to move, explore, and learn. Our obligation is to make each child’s school experience happy, beneficial, and learn.


Our curriculum is based on the belief that children learn best when they can experiment with a variety of learning activities and materials. It is said that play is the young child’s work, and through play s/he does his/her best learning. Each child’ activity level and interests are our guide as we work individually or in small groups on skill building activities.


Our curriculum meets the sequential and developmental needs of our children based on the Massachusetts State Standards for Early Education and Care. Careful consideration has been given to the learning material provided within the framework of an organized, yet flexible, schedule.


Our monthly curriculum theme is set by administrative staff while the day to day activities are created by the individual classroom teachers in order to meet every child’s individual needs within the classroom. For example, one month may have the theme of Shapes and Colors; however, the Toddler classroom will be focusing on basics while the Pre-Kindergarten classroom would be doing more in-depth activities.



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